Mercedes Benz Racing Transporter 1955


Mercedes Renntransporter - The Fastest Racing Car Hauler in the world

As well as its silver arrows, the Mercedes-Benz Racing team had another vehicle that caused a sensation within its ranks in 1955: a Super-Fast Racing-Car Transporter that was built as a one-off based on a 300 s model from 1954 onwards. In 1955, it provided high-speed transport between the race track and the factory, for example if a racing car required last-minute changes or if one of the silver arrows was involved in an accident and needed to be repaired as quickly as possible in time for the next race. The blue high-speed transporter blazed a trail across europe with its silver load on board. This extremely fast commercial vehicle with sports car genes was christened “blue wonder”. The chassis of the Mercedes-Benz 300 s was supplemented by a Forward-Positioned cab with sleek lines comprising many parts taken from the 180 model. From the cab to the fully clad rear end, the racing-car transporter appeared to have been cast from a single mould. The usual separation between the cab and the load area was scarcely visible. The fast car transporter was powered by the three-litre six-cylinder engine with direct injection that also featured in the 300 sl sports cars. At the end of its active service, the original transporter was used for road tests before being scrapped in 1967. In 2001, after seven years of rebuilding work, Mercedes-Benz classic unveiled an authentic reconstruction of the Racing-Car Transporter.